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Market Research

We Ask The Questions

We have been asking clients, particularly
owners and project management in the
construction industry, what they want since
1998. We have learned what they're really
interested in and how to get answers.

QUANTITATIVE: We have scores of score
based answers to very specific questions. We
can give you benchmark information in specific
categories. We can also conduct custom surveys
to get you the information you need.

QUALITATIVE: We have hundreds of comments
in response to specific questions and in general
areas. We can provide you with reports in
specific areas. We use online surveys, phone
interviews, personal interviews and focus groups.

TRENDS: Ask us for trending information in whatever
categories you need. We can tell you where your market
has been and where it's going.

WHO ARE YOU: Do you know where you stand in the
marketplace? How are you perceived by prospective clients?
Do they know you? How do you rate compared to your
competitors? Are you at the top, in the middle or
at the bottom? We can help you find out.

MARKET EXPOSURE: With advertising costs being
so high, it is important for you to know what's
working and what's not. We can help you learn how
well your marketing efforts are penetrating the

COMPETITORS: We have compiled a lot of data
on companies, from our own projects and from
our outside sources. Let us help you get
detailed information on your competitors.

PRODUCTS & SERVICES: Find out what
your prospects want. Learn what your
competitors are providing and what is still unavailable.


If you know where new opportunities are going to be you can prepare your company to take advantage of them.

We use our own data and a number of external sources to determine where markets are going.

Ask us about a forecasting research project that can reveal the future for you.

Geographic Locations

Markets in different geographic areas may need to be considered individually.

Do you do business within a specific geographic region? Does your company use geographic segmentation to go after different markets?

Ask us about market research, specifically in your region(s).

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