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Client Opinion Matters

Before you can improve performance you must know where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

The best way to determine the
Key Performance Indicators is to ask your clients.

Once you know what needs improvement you can start to work on improving your company's performance in those areas.
Getting A Candid Critique

Getting a candid, detailed critique takes a lot of experience, educaiton and talent.

Just talking with your clients simply doesn't reveal the detailed information really needed to improve performance.

As an unbiased third party we can get clients to tell us what they're really concerned about.

Performance Improvement Process

Key Performance Indicators are determined, first by guessing
what is most important to your clients, then over time,
learning what they're most concerned about.

We have been asking clients, particularly owners
and project management in the construction
industry, what they want since 1998. We have
learned what they're really interested in
and how to get answers.

Attaining candid feedback from clients is
no mean task. Specific questions that
hone in on KPI must be asked of specific
people, in the right time frame and in
the right environment.

To attain candid, detailed information,
client company personnel need to be
asked questions in the beginning stages
of a project, midway through the project
and immediately after the project has been

Information about performance is only valuable if you
can understand what it means in practical terms.
An efficient data analysis system is called for
rather than shuffling through hundreds of
answers and trying to guess their meaning.

You need to be able to compare the
performance of personnel and
entities like divisions, branches,
departments and teams.

A good analysis system will allow you
to quickly see your performance in
specific areas such as safety,
quality and timeliness.

Once you know your strengths and
weaknesses you can devise a plan
for improvement. Promotions and
personnel pruning may be in order.
Exemplary performance practices
should be incorporated into standard
company policy.

Our expert consultants can help you devise
and maintain a plan that will improve your
company's performance.

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