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Competition in the marketplace is fierce. Companies are feeling pressure to improve their performance just to stay competitive. The only way to know your strengths and weaknesses is to know them from your clients' perspective. AEC Performance clients like Rudolph/Libbe and Walbridge depend on our data acquisition and analysis methods to get and understand the data that keeps them at the top.

Data acquisition is worthless unless it can be analyzed in practical terms. You need to know specifically where your weakesses are and how you can improve them. We provide the most powerful tools in the business along with expert consultatation to analyze and understand that data in practical terms.

A vigerous, ongoing program to:
   continually learn what clients think of them,
   continually improve business process,
   train and prune human resources and
   improve overall client satisfaction
isn't an option for competitive companies anymore. It's a requirement.

Since 1998 we have been developing systems and methodologies to help clients do just that. We have expert consultation and powerful software that render our methods the most efficient in the business.

Make sure your human resources are always the best they can be. Employees always work harder when they know their performance is being monitored and compared with their peers'.

With our sytems you can easily monitor your employees' performance both internally and externally. We can help with employee/supervisor evaluation as well as with client opinion. We can provide reporting that gives you the ability to compare employees' performance, overall and in specific areas.

We can also help you educate your personnel to help them perform better. We can provide consultation as well as develop on-line training courses, fully controllable by you and handled on our servers by our internal staff.

Products & Services
To provide the best products and/or services in your market you must know what your clients like and dislike. We specialize in the acquisition and analysis of information from clients and from internal staff pertaining to performance and quality.

We have in fact, spent many years learning how to acquire information, particularly from clients and how to structure that information to clearly show strengths and weaknesses from high level summary to specific detail.

We have learned the importance of identifying key point indicators (KPI) to ensure that our measurements on a client's behalf are those which matter most in the marketplace.

Planning & Implementation
Given the knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses, the next step is to look at your resources and business processes. Once that's done it's a matter of setting specific goals and then designing and implementing plans to:
   train or change personnel,
   reduce the cost of operations and/or
   increase the value of products and/or services.

Our team of performance improvement experts can help you accomplish this, either by visiting your facilities and conducting internal process analysis and making specific recommendations or by providing phone and/or email consultation.
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